Military Tent Rental Considerations

A camping experience that will involve hunting, hiking, and swimming may require a lot of stamina. Being supplied with comfortable quarters that will protect you from the elements will ensure that you are able to get a decent night's sleep after each action-packed day. Military tents are designed to be used in inhabited and uninhabited areas and will provide you with adequate space.

Tent Materials And Sizes

Armed force members have relied upon the use of military-grade tents for many decades. Military tents usually are constructed of vinyl, canvas, hemp, or linen. Active military members may participate in many overnight hiking trips. This may make it necessary for each soldier to haul a personal tent inside of their backpack. For this reason, there are many military tent rentals that are designed to accommodate a single person.

There are larger rental tents available too. These types of tents may be designed to accommodate a squad that is part of a military platoon. A larger tent may contain a domed ceiling and a portable latrine screen.

Each side of a tent may be separated and contain ample room for bedrolls or cots. Some military tents are large enough for occupants to stand up while inside of one of the structures. A larger tent will be rather heavy and will require you to use a vehicle to transport the rental.

The Design Of A Tent

Businesses that rent military equipment may have acquired surplus tents that a branch of the armed forces sold to them. Tents that are used by military members tend to contain fabric colors that are neutral or camouflage prints. These colors and prints will help a group of soldiers blend into their surroundings.

The time of year that you will be camping may influence the tent style that you choose. A military tent that contains sloped walls will be suitable for use during high winds or when precipitation is forecast. The sloped walls will block the wind and will prevent snow or ice from accumulating on the outside of the tent.

If you will be camping in the spring or summer and are concerned about the high temperatures and humidity that you will encounter, you may want to rent a tent that contains venting along the top and sides of the structure. Many military tents feature mesh panels, which will prevent insects from entering. These types of panels will allow fresh air to enter a structure.

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